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Each year, fourth grade children in Anderson Community Schools (Indiana) have the opportunity to participate in AWRE classes, provided their parents give their consent. AWRE classes teach children about the Bible.

During the school year children who have their parents’ permission are released from public school one day per week for 13 weeks to attend an hour of religious instruction.

Classes are held in churches throughout the city. Children are escorted by their AWRE teachers to a nearby church for class. If it is not possible to walk, children are escorted on school buses. After the AWRE class session, children are escorted back to their classrooms at their schools.

Each child in AWRE is given their own Bible.

They are taught the importance of the Bible and how it applies to their lives. They are also taught how to look up verses and to read and write in their Bibles. At the end of the 13 week class, the children take their Bibles home and are encouraged to continue studying God’s Word.

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